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Monday, 24 October 2016 by Bill Welliver

Major new features (1.6):
  • Apache htaccess syntax support
  • XMLRPC interface for configuration
  • reorganize user management for config interface into its own tab
  • Pike 8.0 support
  • Pike 7.8 support (done)
  • Module Add page reorganization (in progress)
  • make configuration interface a standard virtual server (done)
  • multiple user support in configuration interface (done)
  • configuration of a virtual server can be delegated to a particular user (done)
Bugfixes (1.6):
  • vida's cgi/fcgi fixes that don't seem to have made it into 1.4
  • authentication fixes- users with valid passwords in userfs
  • general fcgi goofiness
  • cgi compatibility with apache (apache environment variables)
  • CacheAmelioration (in progress)
  • Fix crash on startup when cache tables are corrupt?
  • stability fixes (mostly done)
  • can't turn off userlisting in userfs (fixed)
  • 2gb limit in Caudium.nbio (fixed)
  • shuffler support as alternative to Caudium.nbio (done)
Major new features (1.8)
  • SSL client certificate support (in progress)
  • Cluster management support
  • XMLRPC access to configuration data
  • move protocols, port handling and virtual host matcher out of the main first level virtual host
  • test harness ala theoretical
  return 1;

test_eq(Caudium.TestHarness.parse_rxml( "") , "11")

test_do( Caudium.TestHarness.shutdown(); return 1; )

Uncategorized Requests

  • updated documentation
  • in .htaccess support the /PikeWiki/index.pike directive
caudium only supports the directory directive - [external] The requested function would be like apaches - [external]
  • Instability problems with large files and php
with squirrelmail and gallery caudium cant handle large file uploads (this is maybe a bug?) (kinneh can supply env. with the error)

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