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Thursday, 26 July 2012 by Bill Welliver

Debian Notes

Well if you want to read up on what I do follow the changelog at: [external]

And maybe also the README.Debian [external]

First and most debian package still runns nbio. [external]

Then we got the other patches:

install caudium into /usr/share/caudium to conform with debian rules [external]

patches a problem in cgi support found while packaging of caudium [external]

apt-get as a client support for unusual is-modified-header [external]

while packageing caudium for debian a bug in ssl was found it should be fixed in next version from upstream [external]

Most of the "magic" done when packaging caudium happens in "debian/rules" Which I've tried to clean up but there is still more work todo [external]

Some more centric stuff happens in the "debian/postinst" script [external]

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