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Thursday, 26 July 2012 by Bill Welliver

  • make clean
  • make only_bump_version (only if you're at an odd number version, which you should be)
  • make dist
  • clean up tars (remove autom4te.cache, files x where there's a file, Makefile.pre)
rm -rf autom4te.cache
rm tools/docparser/docparse
rm tools/caudium-rc_script
rm server/bin/install
rm server/start-caudium
rm src/cmods/UltraLog/ultrasum
  • make only_bump_version (to bump from the even release version back to an odd development version number)
  • copy CHANGES and ChangeLog to caudium-ver.CHANGES and caudium-ver.ChangeLog
  • upload .tar.gz, plus the two changelog files to sourceforge
see: [external]
  • upload all files as above to
  • update the "LATEST-IS" file on anonftp server
  • edit cdp/www/caudium/download/latest.tmpl and commit in cvs
  • add new news_nn to cdp/ww/caudium/news and commit in cvs
  • announce to world!

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