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New website online!

Friday, 27 July 2012 by Bill Welliver

After many months of work, we've taken the plunge and released a new, enhanced website for the Caudium project. Designed by our good friend Matt Hardy at Webhaven, the new site features a simplified design and organization, and also includes a section where community members can create new content.

Not all of the content has been moved from the old site, but we hope to have the most important items moved over the next week. You can use the full-text feature to find the information you're looking for.

The wiki section of the website is open to all community members. To participate, just create an account from the login page and you'll be able to create and edit content.

Best of all, the new website is fully Pike powered. The website is powered by FinScribe, a pike based content management system and is served up to you by Caudium 1.4. The Caudium Group hopes to add new functionality on an ongoing basis, so stay tuned!

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