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The Caudium Crew

Tuesday, 1 April 2014 by Bill Welliver

Project Leader

hww3 @ Hi, I'm Bill Welliver, and I'm currently working on documentation, core changes (like a new authentication system), and new modules (like Java integration). I am now the maintainer of Caudium Project (web server, web sites, etc..). You can contact me if you'd like to join us :)

Group members

bertrand @ My name's Bertrand Lupart. I extensively use Caudium for hosting thousands of websites and some custom web applications for Linkeo, the company where I work. I'm currently working at packaging Pike and Caudium for MacOS X, too.

etienne @ Works on Slackware port and some others things.

fred @ I am Fred van Dijk. My main interests have been and are the building of dynamic web sites with Roxen/Caudium and stretching RXML to its limits. My intended focus for the next months will be documentation/examples and testing for Caudium.

ice @ Hi, I am Tamás Tevesz, doing various tasks mostly outside the server core: fixing small bugs and prototyping new/crazy ideas as well as trying to push others to implement them ;).

mbaehr @ As an active developer for both Roxen 1.3 and 2.0 my focus is on compatibility between Caudium and Roxen, at least on the module API level.

olivier @ Olivier Girondel

redax @ Zsolt Varga

underley @ I am Daniel Podlejski, I am working on a few modules, like mod_caucho version for Caudium, Universal Script Parser and Session Tracer. In the close future I intend to write Advanced Virtual Host Matcher, and later - mod_jserv version for Caudium.

Retired group members

kiwi @ I am Xavier Beaudouin and I have been using and programming since the old Spinner days. My company as an IP Operator is providing mass and scalable solutions to mail, web, webmail, etc… I will work on mass solutions web hosting/homepage solutions and also on the contrib part of the IMHO webmail. I was the previous maintainer of Caudium Project, so there is some nasty things maybe that was from me ;p.

david @ I am one of the founders of what today is Roxen Internet Software. My role in this project is Project Leader, which means that I initiated the project and have the final say in things. I will work with just about anything, like programming, the web sites, documentation and more. My main initial goal will be to optimize and clean up the core of Caudium.

jnt @ I'm James Tyson and I've been making lots of changes to Caudium's core server to make it easier for web application developers to write code and not have to solve the same problems over and over again. Major examples of this is Caudium 1.3's new generic caching and data storage APIs. I'm also the project release manager.

grendel @ I am Marek Habersack, I do all kind of stuff related to programming Caudium, Pike and, unfortunately, docs (from time to time, at least). Design, optimization, weird ideas, having people RTFM and more :), oh and Debian packaging too.

vida @ Hello, I am David Gourdelier, I work on documentation, for example on the HOWTO. I also work on the CAMAS webmail and on some Caudium modules like the gzip one. In the future I intend to work on what I like.

aleph1 @ Responsible for the Altavista search engine glue and the advertising module.

duerrj @ I am Joseph Duerr, my company is involved with content delivery so I am going to be exploring adding some streaming modules for Caudium. I am also planning on contributing to documentation efforts and keeping up the Caudium.* web sites.

k @ Kai Voigt contributed 123session among other things.

matthew @ Will work with documentation and possibly various small hacks.

The Original Five: david, duerrj, fred, grendel, mbaehr

David, Joseph, Fred, Marek and Martin founded the project.

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